About Us

Analysing big data and identifying patterns

We do that to explore solutions and implement them in an end-to-end process.

Linking data insights to predictable outcomes

We use statistical analysis and comprehensive AI-powered results.

Using decades of experience and modern digital science

We deliver complete functional solutions to worldwide businesses and professionals.

What we do?

We use AI technologies to get things done and extend their efficiency to reach limitless possibilities. Fractal unlocks AI's true potential and uses it for people's benefit. In order to provide great answers to hard questions, we use modern digital science and machine learning capabilities.


Fractal is a start-up company created around a team with a long experience in training and testing algorithms for implementing AI solutions to real-life situations. But, most importantly, we are result-driven people with clear short, medium, and long-term strategies. Our team conducted multiple international projects in Oil&Gas and Civil Engineering fields, currently developing an MVP for potential clients in Eastern Europe and the Benelux area that could streamline all their processes with the help of our know-how.


Our main project is Figura, an artificial intelligence software designed to analyse any computer-made object realized in niche programs and to automatically extract the parts, with no human effort. It also reduces human contribution by translating design schemes into terms known by engineers and people in the production department. Our employees are highly skilled in both AI and Civil Engineering fields of expertise.

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