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Recent data from the European Heart Failure Association revealed that 26 million people are diagnosed with HF worldwide, and 3,6 million new cases are found yearly in Europe only.

In Romania, the picture is even more dramatic:

According to studies, around one million people in Romania suffer from heart failure (4.7% of the population) with an unfavorable prognosis

Survival at five years from the diagnosis of heart failure is poor, with a mortality of 59% for men and 45% for women

In the last ten years, there were over 50.000 cases per year

The mortality rate in Romania is 39.9/100,000 people (twice as high as in other European countries)

More than 50% of patients die in the first five years after diagnosis

In Romania, hourly:

5 new Heart Failure cases are reported

12 admissions are made due to this condition

1 death is registered

Deeply comprehending the seriousness of heart problems in our country and standing very close to the medical world, we decided to step up and build a solution that works and makes the world a better place. In other words, we want to help improve the well-being of the people around us.
Therefore, +pulse is COMING SOON!